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The Basic Things You Need to Know about Bonds

May 21, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard the term ‘bond’ if you are an active investor. Bonds are investment vehicles that come unde...
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Why link your Investments with Goals - here are the reasons!

May 14, 2022 in Financial PlanningAditi Nundy
Mr. Saha, an Electrical Engineer, has worked in a Navaratna graded PSU for 20 years now. His level of income is sufficient to lead a respectable life in society. His children ...
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3 things you must know about the Repo Rate

May 07, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
Earlier this week, RBI conducted an off-cycle MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) meet and announced a 40 basis points (0.4%) repo rate hike on Wednesday to calm inflationary pres...
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5 things you should know about Public Provident Fund

April 30, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
In the last blog, we talked about the basic features of PPF, its r...
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Basic things everyone should know about PPF

April 22, 2022 in Money MattersNischay Avichal
In this week’s blog, we will be discussing one of the most eminent investing avenues in India– the Public Provident Fund. This government scheme has been around for a very lon...
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How to Invest in Foreign Stocks from India?

April 16, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
Diversification is at the core of investing principles. It helps you minimise portfolio risk and maximise your investment return over time. Investing globally is one of the be...
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How are SIPs taxed?

April 08, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
Systematic investment plans are one of the best ways for investors t...
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Corporate Actions & their Taxation: All you need to know

March 25, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal
In the last blog, we discussed the common corporate actions, the reasons a company may carry those out, and the implication on shareholders. In this piece, we will be breaking...
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What are Corporate Actions?

March 19, 2022 in Market Alphabets Nischay Avichal, Krishnendu Patra
Corporate actions help investors get an idea of how the management plans to maintain the compan...
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