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Safe keeper to the Nation

September 18, 2020 in Atmanirbhar BharatMelvyn Pinto
There is an almost hundred percent probability that a product of this company is in use in every home or commercial establishment in our country...
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Achieve Life Goals through Financial Planning

September 12, 2020 in Market Alphabets Satarupa Dutta
Our Future is very unpredictable. If you are planning your life under the assumption that everything will remain as it is, you are putting yours...
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Digital Banking Services - NSDL Payments Bank

September 07, 2020 in Market Alphabets Satarupa Dutta

To provide simplified banking services to every Indian, NSDL the first and ...
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Hero Motor Corp

August 14, 2020 in Atmanirbhar BharatMelvyn Pinto
As the nation gets ready to celebrate its 74th Independence Day this Saturday, it is a good time as any to turn the spotlight onto another of India’s...
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How to buy Gold without any Tension

August 02, 2020 in Market Alphabets Melvyn Pinto
We Indians just love gold! It is in our DNA. For us, it has not only emotional and sentimental value, it is a form of saving for the worst situation we may face in our lives. ...
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Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) – a Tax Saving Instrument

July 30, 2020 in Market Alphabets Melvyn Pinto
ELSS funds are also called tax saving schemes since they offer tax exemption of up to Rs. 150,000 from your annual taxable income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. ...
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MRF – The most expensive stock of India

July 30, 2020 in Atmanirbhar BharatMelvyn Pinto
What is common to Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and AB de Villiers to name just a few?

They have all used the MRF lo...
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Basics of Equity Shares

July 28, 2020 in Market Alphabets Ritwick Mukherjee
One, who holds an equity or equity share of a company, is actually a shareholder of that company. Small or large-- whatever may be his equity holding, he shares responsibility...
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Nationalism to ‘Hamara Bajaj’

July 17, 2020 in Atmanirbhar BharatMelvyn Pinto
‘Bajaj’ is a household name in India.

Founded in 1926, at the height ofIndia's movement for independence from the British, the Bajaj group has...
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Dabur – Bengal’s Golden Heritage

July 03, 2020 in Atmanirbhar BharatMelvyn Pinto
Dabur... founded in our very own Calcutta, as it was then called.

The story begins with a small, but visionary endeavour by...
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