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The simplest way to get closer to your financial goals

The Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a fixed amount that you invest at regular intervals in your financial instrument. Making systematic investment in Mutual Funds lets you enjoy high returns and prevent pitfalls of equity investment.

Why to go for SIP?

  • It has a disciplined approach towards investments
  • Your average cost of buying the mutual fund comes down over time:
    • Rupee Cost Averaging - Benefit from Volatility
    • Power of Compounding - Small investments create Big Kitty over time
  • You do not need to time the market
  • It’s lighter on the wallet
  • Lets you build a large corpus over time

Why is Dayco the best?

  • More than 10000 active customers across West Bengal.
  • Registered with SEBI.
  • Member of NSE and BSE.
  • Depository participant with National Securities Depository Ltd
  • More than 30+ branches across West Bengal.
  • Efficient customer service.

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SIP Calculator

Calculate how small investments made at regular intervals over a long period of time can give you a large return

All you need to do is, select a fund house, scheme and amount you’d like to invest per month.

Disclaimer : The calculator is based on assumed rate of returns and is meant for illustration purposes only. It is neither an investment advice nor should it be construed as indicative of any of the schemes of Dayco India.

Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.




Raj Mohan Jolly

This is an unsolicited testimonial. I have been a client of Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd., for over 35 years from 1980, and am still a very satisfied client of theirs. During the period that I have been a client, I have seen Dayco Securities grow from one office in the Calcutta Stock Exchange Building, open additional offices & spread their wings all over Bengal and Mumbai as well. They have maintained their quality of service throughout, and given me no cause for complaint in all these years. I have moreover found them extremely honest, efficient, and clear and clean in all, their dealings and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is on the lookout for a good & reliable share broker, or a financial advisor.