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Dayco is one of the first few Depository Participants from Eastern India, registered with SEBI under National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL), which is the first and the largest Depository of the country.
Investors who avail the depository participant service from Dayco, are requested to note the following :
1) NSDL sends consolidated statement of accounts regularly to the investors directly. (Please refer to the circular NSDL/POLICY/2015/0026 dated February 24, 2015. Please click the following link to read the circular :
In case any investor is not able to receive the consolidated circular, is requested to write to the following email id : Nsdl-cascomplaints@nsdl.co.in
2) If you are an old Account holder, please check with us if your KYC information is up to date. Please contact us to update your records or check our DP backoffice section with your login credentials. (hyperlink – DPBO)
3) If you enter any transaction after a gap of 6 months, please send us a written letter to activate your account. This is for your safety.
4) You can deliver your shares by electronic delivery instructions, through Speed-e. Please create your Speed-e account or login to (hyperlink).
5) NSDL have lunched the facility for delivery of shares using mobile phone, please connect to download the mobile app using the link : http://eservice.nsdl.com
6) Update your mobile no and email id to get messages and any changes in your client master.
7) Please update your nominee in respective account for simplification.
8) Please note that Delivery Instruction Slip booklet will change from January, 2016.